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Dana Duckworth is an accomplished speaker, coach, and executive leader who has a wealth of experience in leadership development, team building, and organizational change. She has worked with clients across a diverse range of industries, helping them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. As a highly sought-after speaker, she is known for her engaging and dynamic presentations that inspire and motivate audiences to achieve their best. In her coaching practice, she provides practical guidance and support to help individuals and teams overcome challenges and achieve their objectives.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Dana Duckworth is a true leader in her field, and her insights have helped countless individuals and organizations to achieve success.

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Dana is Vice President of Supply Chain/Strategic Accounts at AFFLINK and former Head Coach University of Alabama Gymnastics

More About Dana

Dana has achieved greatness many times. Upon graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in Telecommunication and Film (and a minor in Marketing), in Dallas, Texas she took a chance on an internship that eventually turned into a full-time position as Training Coordinator of AMX Corporation – a high tech remote control company – while coaching advanced level gymnastics. Six years, two team national championships and three individual floor exercise champions (all choreographed by her) later, Dana went viral with her appointing and anointing as Alabama’s second head coach in 36 years.

Her gymnastics career — both as a competitor and a coach — is incomparable.

She is now Vice President of Supply Chain/Strategic Accounts at AFFLINK.

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Dana Duckworth Coach
Dana Duckworth
Coach Dana Duckworth with one of her students
Dana Duckworth

“Coaching LIFE; to choose gratitude regardless of circumstance”

– Dana Duckworth